Press Conference ***

Angelique Kidjo, Anggun, FAO chief and Climate Ambassadors From 8 Countries on Music and Building Bridges

Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges Towards Global Climate Action

 Who: Jacques Diouf, FAO Director General

Anggun, FAO Goodwill Ambassador and musician

Angelique Kidjo, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and  musician
Climate ambassador Toriqul Momen,15 , Bangladesh,;   
Climate ambassador Darwin Peña,17, Bolivia; 
Climate ambassador Marie Moïse Louissaint, 16, Haiti;  
Climate ambassador Lourine Oyodah, 15, Kenya;  
Climate ambassador Axam Maumoon, 15, Maldives;  
Climate ambassador Khadidiatou Diop, 17, Senegal;   
Climate ambassador Cindy Makhubedi, 16, South Africa,   
Climate ambassador Kondwani Banda, 17, Zambia

 When:  Monday, 7 December 10:30 – 11:00 in the Asger Jorn room of the Bella Centre, located in H Hall in the Side Events section

 What:  Press conference and dialogue with young people on how to use tools like music and art toward global action on climate change.

 Background:  The Climate Ambassadors are representatives of the Children’s Climate Forum, a seven-day event that ended last Friday night when all of the 164 participants, aged 14 to 17,  from 44 countries formalized the commitments embodied in their outcome document, the Climate Declaration, including to commit to personal life style changes for the “common good