The morning plenary heard opening remarks and addressed organizational issues. In the afternoon, Working Group I (WG I) considered inland waters, mountain, and marine and coastal biodiversity. WG II addressed: progress toward the 2010 biodiversity target and the Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO); and the revised strategic plan, biodiversity target and indicators. The Informal Consultative Group (ICG) on access and benefit-sharing (ABS) met briefly and was then suspended to allow for small group discussions.


Delegates witnessed a performance of traditional arts, with Yoko Deva playing the Shinobue (Japanese flute) and the Kakashi-za group in Tekage-e (shadow play). Jochen Flasbarth (Germany), on behalf of the COP 9 Presidency, declared the meeting open and pointed to the failure to meet the 2010 biodiversity target, calling for finalizing the strategic plan and the international ABS regime. He then handed the COP chairmanship to Ryu Matsumoto, Environment Minister of Japan.

COP 10 President Matsumoto said this was a critical time for measures to protect biodiversity, and called for new realistic global targets and for the establishment of an international ABS regime. Masaaki Kanda, Governor of the Prefecture of Aichi, shared the expectation that COP 10 will adopt post-2010 targets and the international ABS regime. Takashi Kawamura, Mayor of the City of Nagoya, stressed the important role of municipalities and citizens in living in harmony with nature.

Achim Steiner, UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Executive Director, expressed UNEP’s commitment to address shortcomings in MEAs’ parallel governance and administrative arrangements, and emphasized that COP 10 can become a source of inspiration for successful multilateralism.

Ahmed Djoghlaf, CBD Executive Secretary, termed COP 10 as the most important meeting on biodiversity in UN history, in light of the relevance of the strategic plan and the ABS protocol, for sustainable development.

Participants then saw a video prepared by the Japanese government and a performance of the song “Life in Harmony