Prof. Gusti Muhammad Hatta at ExCOPs closing plenary


Wednesday, 24 February 2010, In the morning, delegates convened for the closing plenary of the ExCOPs.


Co-Chair Stendahl presented the report of the Co-Chairs of the joint OEWG (UNEP/FAO/CHW/POPS/EXCOPS.1/L.2). Reflecting on over three years work in the synergies process, she said the process had come to a remarkable fruition. Co-Chair Alvarez expressed gratitude to parties and the Secretariats for their efforts. Parties to the three Conventions approved the credentials report and adopted the meeting report.

The Secretariat outlined the sections of the omnibus decision as forwarded by the OEWG including the sections on: preamble (CRP.5/Add.7), joint activities (CRP.5/Add.2/Rev.1), joint managerial functions (CRP.5/Add.6), joint services (CRP.5/Add.1), synchronization of budgets (CRP.5/Add.3), joint audits (CRP.5/Add.4), and review arrangements (CRP.5/Add.5/Rev.1).

The Presidents of the Rotterdam, Stockholm and Basel Conventions, speaking in unison, invited parties to adopt the omnibus decision as a package. In reference to the section on joint services, JAPAN underscored that it could not accept the term “cost-neutral in real terms