The UN climate change conference is not short of drafts, blueprints and proposals. However, economic pledges are sparse. A new blueprint, outlining three proposals for long-term climate aid, does not include any financial commitments.

Rie Jerichow15/12/2009 14:30
A blueprint, released Tuesday in Copenhagen, outlines three options for long-term climate aid from developed to developing countries. However, none of the options include any financial commitments, Bloomberg reports.

“This is eyewash – it’s a paper tiger,” Quamrul Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi envoy who coordinates the group of Least Developed Countries on finance issues, says in an interview in Copenhagen. “There is nothing in terms of long-term finance,” he adds according to Bloomberg.

As of Tuesday, United Nations negotiators have failed to agree on the financial aid that the US, Japan and other developed nations will give to the developing world to cope with climate change, Bloomberg reports, referring to a draft document.

“The Copenhagen climate conference is in the grip of a serious deadlock,” the Guardian concludes in a feature.