Thursday, 17 December 2009

On Thursday morning, the COP and COP/MOP plenaries convened. In the afternoon and late evening, contact group meetings and drafting groups took place under the COP and COP/MOP.


Around noon on Thursday, COP President Rasmussen convened the resumed meeting of the COP. He noted that many parties had sought clarification during the COP plenary on Wednesday evening about the documentary basis for moving forward and also about the method of work to complete the negotiations under the COP and COP/MOP. He said that the documentary basis for the work will be the texts presented by the AWG-LCA Chair to the COP plenary on Wednesday (FCCC/AWGLCA/2009/L.7/Rev.1 and Add.1, Add.2/Rev.1, Adds. 3-7, Add.8/Rev.1 and Add.9).

COP President Rasmussen proposed forwarding the texts for consideration by a contact group chaired by COP President’s Special Representative Connie Hedegaard. He said the contact group would have a mandate to complete work on unresolved issues within a short deadline and that open-ended drafting groups would be convened, chaired by “people we know well and trust.