Negotiators at the
Copenhagen climate summit should agree to limit global warming to two degrees
Celsius by mid-century, and countries must make better offers of action, German
Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday.

AP/Michael von Bülow08/12/2009 05:40

Merkel told ZDF television that plans
for many leaders to attend the meeting — including President Barack Obama —
demonstrate that the world recognizes the significance of climate change.

"That makes me mildly optimistic, but the aim has not yet been
reached," she said.

"The aim of this conference must be an international commitment to the
limiting of global warming to two degrees (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) by
2050, and for that all must step up (their offers), in particular countries
like China and India that don’t yet recognize this two degree aim,"
Merkel said.

"The overall offers that are on the table are not yet enough to be sure of
reaching the two degree target," she added.

Merkel herself plans to attend the conference in its closing phase.

A failure to agree on the two-degree target "would mean that every country
takes the liberty of carrying on" as they have to date, the chancellor