The Danish Presidency has given up on its ambition to create consensus on a text that would form the basis of a global political deal to combat global warming, reports a Danish daily.

Marianne Bom17/12/2009 11:15
Bridging the gap between developed and developing countries was not possible during consultations held by the Danish Presidency of the UN climate conference, on Wednesday.

According to the Danish daily Berlingske Tidende, the Presidency on Wednesday night abandoned attempts to create consensus on a text that should have formed the basis of a global political agreement to combat climate change.

119 heads of state and government meet on Thursday and Friday in Copenhagen to negotiate global initiatives to combat global warming. The Presidency had hoped to present the world leaders with a text containing as few as possible open questions on issues such as emission cuts, financing of climate aid to developing countries, accounting for emissions etc.

According to Berlingske Tidende, the developing countries represented by the Group of 77 blocked the initiative.

Now, the strategy is to try to make progress in some isolated areas, preparing the ground for the next UN climate negotiations which will take place in Mexico next year, Berlingske Tidende reports.

According to the Guardian, on Wednesday evening frustrated negotiators spoke openly for the first time of – at best – reaching a weak political agreement that would leave no clear way forward to tackle rising greenhouse gas emissions.

“That would mean the negotiations staying in limbo well into next year, increasing the damage caused by global warming,