The efforts to adapt to climate change should be related to improving the living standards of billions of poor people in the world, says the global head of the UN’s development arm said.

AP/Nanet Poulsen02/12/2009 17:20
Between 75 billion and 100 billion US dollars a year is needed to help poor nations cope with climate change, says Helen Clark, the administrator of the UN Development Program.
"Developing countries are bearing the brunt of climate change now. It’s not something that might happen in 10, 20, 30 years time," Clark told AP.

Helen Clark said that climate change should be related to the issue of improving the living standards of billions of people in the world.

She said one way this can happen is by providing financial and technical support to poor nations, allowing them to meet their energy needs while producing little or no greenhouse gases.

With such support, "we will have the ability to bring energy to the huge numbers of people in our world, up to two billion people, who do not access have energy at the moment, who don’t have electricity," Clark said.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says temperature rises will result in increased droughts and flooding in poor nations. Subsistence farmers in Africa and Asia are expected to be particularly hard hit.

Earlier this year, the International Food Policy Research Institute predicted 25 million more hungry children over the next four decades because of climate change’s impact on crop production.