Quick Start Programme Trust Fund

The International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM) decided in resolution I/4 to invite UNEP to establish a voluntary, time-limited trust fund to provide seed money to support the objective and strategic priorities of the QSP. Resolution I/1 of the ICCM urged Governments, regional economic integration organizations, intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations to make contributions to the voluntary trust fund.

Developing countries and countries with economies in transition are eligible for support from the trust fund. Approval of projects will take into account geographic and sectoral balance considerations and pay particular attention to urgent needs and the requirements of Least Developed Countries and Small Island Developing States. Proposals may be presented by SAICM participating Governments that have given appropriate formal recognition to SAICM, at a minimum by having designated an official SAICM national focal point. On an exceptional basis, and having regard to resources and administrative capacity available, representatives of civil society networks participating in SAICM may also present project proposals, subject to endorsement of the application by the SAICM national focal point in the countries hosting the projects.

Applications to the QSP Trust Fund:

pplications to the QSP trust fund can be submitted twice a year. The fifth application round is now open and will close on 29 August 2008. Applications will be reviewed and appraised by the QSP Trust Fund Implementation Committee at its sixth meeting on 16 and 17 October 2008.

Applicants are encouraged to submit their application packages as early as possible in advance of the deadline in order for the secretariat to review them for completeness and provide guidance. To meet the deadline, only advance copies of applications signed by the applicant and the SAICM focal point(s) can be sent to the secretariat by e-mail or fax, pending submission of the original by post.

Further to the fourth round, the application guidelines have been slightly revised. The guidelines provide essential information on the application process and package. Applicants are strongly encouraged to use them when developing project proposals. Note: the updated Arabic, French and Spanish versions of the guidelines are currently being translated.

The application materials consist of the following documents:

I – Funding Application Form
The form can be completed electronically. It should be printed so that it can be signed and included with the application package.

II – Budget tables
The budget should be completed electronically using the separate budget spreadsheets in Excel. Tables totals and subtotals should automatically be updated  It should be printed so it can be included in the application package

III – Project Description
The cover page provided is an introduction to the separate, more detailed project description that ius required. This document is an essential part of the application and it needs to be developed by the project proponent.

IV – Proof of funding from other sponsors and donors
If relevant, letters or documents from other funding sources confirming cash and in-kind contributions should be provided.

V – Letters of support and other supporting information
If relevant, other documents supporting the application for funding can be sent as part of the application package. In cases of multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder projects, applicants are required to provide letters of support for the project from relevant Ministries, government institutions, non-governmental organizations or private companies.

Please note that only applications in English can be considered.

Once the application package is completed, mail the signed application to:

SAICM secretariat
c/o Chemicals Branch, UNEP/DTIE,
11-13 chemin des Anémones,
International Environment House
CH-1219 Châtelaine, Geneva, Switzerland
Fax: (41 22) 797 34 60
E- mail: