On Wednesday morning, the COP/MOP plenary convened, followed by the opening of the high-level segment. The highlevel segment continued into the evening with a number of Heads of State, Heads of Government and Ministers delivering national statements. Under the COP/MOP, contact groups on joint implementation and the CDM also took place in the afternoon and evening. The COP plenary took place in the evening.


COP/MOP PLENARY REPORT OF THE AWG-KP: COP/MOP President Hedegaard noted that a group comprising fifty participants would meet to consider how to move forward. Chair Ashe then presented the AWG-KP’s report (FCCC/ KP/AWG/2009/L.15), explaining that the AWG-KP had met in contact groups considering Annex I emission reductions, other issues and potential consequences. He underscored significant progress but regretted that parties were unable to reach agreement on amendments to the Kyoto Protocol. He expressed confidence that the COP/MOP would take appropriate action on the text developed by the AWG-KP. BRAZIL and INDIA raised points of order concerning access to the Bella Center. The Secretariat apologized for “teething problems