Term of Reference (TOR)
Consultant to prepare The Financial Closing Project Report
Ozone Depleting Substance Phase-Out Project (OTF 021982)-IND

Indonesia as a member of Article 5 Country of Montreal Protocol (MP) has received funding from Multilateral Fund (MLF) of Montreal Protocol to phase-out consumption of CFCs in industrial and servicing sectors. The activities in phasing out CFCs that deplete the ozone layer, is called the Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS) Phase-out. Being a member of Article 5 countries, Indonesia is nearly completing the implementation of phase out of CFCs consumption as agreed by the Montreal Protocol Executive Committee

To satisfy commitment of phase-out target, Implementation of the ODS phase-out project has evolved from its signing of Ozone Project Trust Fund Grant Agreement (“Grant Agreement”) on 10 November 1994. It had grown in terms of number of projects and volume of CFCs phased out; time schedule implementation; implementation modalities and the amount of MP grant fund.

To support implementation of the project, some amendments of the Grant Agreement were established. The Grant Agreement between the World Bank and Ministry of Finance represented the Government of Indonesia agreed to implement the project was made with initial approved MP Trust fund of US$17 million. The amount under the Grant Agreement has increased simultaneously with the its last amendment on 14 November 2003 with totaled amount of US$ 36,552,596.
Upon the end of implementation of the ODS phase-out project by 31 December 2010, Ministry of Environment as the focal point of ODS phase-out project implementation is preparing to close the project and it will require to present financial closure statement for the account TF 21982.

Ministry of Environment (KLH) is seeking to hire a consultant to assist in preparation of financial report for closing project TF 21982. The report will provide information about project financial settlements/reconciliation among related ministries, institutions and the World Bank that were involved under financing mechanism of the project. This report is required so that each of the institutions will have a concise and acceptable financial status when the Trust Fund account closes.

The assignment will be directly supervised by Ozone unit of KLH. The financial project report will be used by KLH as information to settle and/or reconcile any payments of withdrawals, replenishments, advance payments, and any due balances in related ministry/department and World Bank, thus in preparing the report, the consultant should assure of receiving sufficient relevant financial information from KLH, World Bank, Department of Finance and the Central Bank.

The Consultant will work under supervision of KLH with duties as follows:

a. Review records of withdrawal applications at KLH have coincided with withdrawal statements that were recorded in the Ministry of Finance;
b. Reviews and analysis payment of withdrawal documents of subprojects/sector plan projects to the special account have properly recorded;
c. Reviews any withdrawals using direct payment/SKMRK L/C issued by the Central Bank have been recorded and replenished by the World Bank. Any unpaid balance should be stated for reconciliation;
d. Review and analyze payments from BUN (advance) fund to reimbursement/disbursement of the project. Any unsettled balance of BUN that have not been replenished should be recorded.
e. Prepares financial report summary of disbursement of TF in each subproject in Categories of items financed by the OTF grant (Category 1; 2a & 2b; 3)
f. Prepares subproject/sector plan disbursement report.
Duration of service is 3 (three) months from the signing contract.

IV. Expected Output
The consultant is expected to deliver reports:
a. Summary Report of withdrawals of OTF grant 21982 to subprojects and sector plan project from the beginning up to the closing of the project by 31 December 2010
b. Financial reconciliation report of withdrawals of OTF grant
c. Summary Report of withdrawals according to Categories of items that have been financed out of the proceeds of the OTF Grant.

Vacancies Consultants for Ozone Depletion Substances Phase Out Project
World Bank Program


The Ministry of Environment has received funding from the Multilateral Fund of the Montreal Protocol through the World Bank to strengthen national capacity in implementing ozone layer protection program and phase out of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS). To support the program, the Ministry of Environment invited qualified consultant individual candidates to apply for the following activities/positions:

Individual Consultant:




Consultant to prepare The Financial Closing Project Report

Ozone Depleting Substance Phase-Out Project (OTF 021982)-IND

The requirements for the consultants are as follows:



Master of Degree (S2) in Economics, Management Business, Financial.


Minimum 10 (ten) years experience in relevant subject of activities;


o Has good verbal and written communication skill, with analytic capacity and ability to synthesize project outputs and relevant findings for the preparation of quality project reports;

o Maturity and confidence in dealing with senior level officials of
national and international institutions;

o Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages
(MS Word, Excel, etc);

o Fluency in written and spoken English and Bahasa Indonesia


o o

Comprehensive Knowledge on implementation of ODS phase out project covering individual and sectoral projects

Familiar with financial system applied in the World Bank and the Ministry of Finance, in particular Grant project

For detail Term of Reference can be see on file attached below. Interested candidates should submit CV at the latest on 14th of September 2010, through the following address:

Assistant Deputy for Climate Change Impact Control, Ministry of Environment A Building, 6th Floor

J1. DI. Panjaitan, Kay. 24 Jakarta, 13410