You are invited to become a member of Householders’ Option to Protect the Environment Inc.(HOPE), in order to help us promote sustainable living practices in your community. Membership is free and open to anyone who is interested, including individuals, families, businesses and organizations.

HOPE’s principal focus is waste minimization and the conservation of energy and resources. HOPE aims to achieve this in three ways:

1. Raising awareness-letting people know about these issues

2. Education-suggestions on how to tackle these issues

3. Showing-how easily it can be done

HOPE has susccesfully employed two particular strategies to achieve its primary aims:

* Environmental Information Display
These are an effective means of distributing information on environmental issues and interests. Brochures, newsletters, information sheets and reports from a variety of community organizations and government agencies are made available to the general public. The information display are relatively easy to establish and maintain. Potential sites include public libraries, universities and information centres. 

* Mutual Support Partnerships (MSP) program
This was intiated to establish and improve ties with other like-minded groups, for the purpose of fostering co-operation and collaboration on environmental projects. Elemen of the MSP program include: 

    - Complimentary membership, but with non-voting right
 - Letter of support for funding applications and/or specific

- Promotion on each other’s projects and activities
- Formation of working partnerships for specific projects
- Website links 

As the need to conserve energy and resources becomes more crucial, HOPE is striving to expand from a local to a state-wide network of members and supporters, who will spread the philosophy of HOPE in their local areas. To find out more about HOPE, including its Charter, history, details of Mutual Support Partners, and full contact information, please visit our website at

And remember: You can make a difference!


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HOPE is involved in a variety of areas which promote sustainable living through Mutual Support Partnerships with other groups. We can help achieve the aims of the other groups, as well as adhering to the philosophy of HOPE.

HOPE continues to work on activities and projects its own right; as well as supporting pertinent campaigns which fit into HOPE’s charter.


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Although membership si free, we do welcome financial donations. We especially welcome member’s contribution of time, expertise and other resources to further our activities.

To become a member, simply complete and return the membership form to the address shown.