Business for Climate Protection

by the Federation of German Industries


This event provided an opportunity
for German business and

governmental leaders to discuss
possible private sector opportunities in

mitigating climate change.


Tanja Gönner, Minister of
Environment, Baden-Wuerttemberg
, said

that Germany as has played a leadership
role in developing renewable

energy sources and energy efficiency
technologies, adding that these

efforts have been supported by laws
and policies, and said that Germany

intends to increase energy
efficiency at a rate of 3% per year. She said

that power generated by renewable
energy sources currently makes up

15% of the market, and supports a
thriving German industry.


Peter Löscher, Siemens, noted that
although the financial crisis has

supplanted climate change in the
headlines, it is crucial and possible

to tackle both at the same time. He
said that, as with the financial

crisis, humanity has incurred a
massive “climate debt