Kampanye “Reverse Climate Change Swin in Bali
Nusa Dua – Bali, 10 Desember 2007

Monti Monfore, salah seorang perenang internasional, mengkampanyekan berenang untuk mendukung upaya mengurangi ancaman pemanasan global terhadap kehidupan terumbu karang.  Monti berenang dari Pulau serangan ke Nusa dua, tepatnya di pantai Westin Resort.  Jarak yang ditempuh berkisar 7 km dan waktu tempuh sekitar 2 jam.  Dalam jumpa pers setelah berenang mengarungi laut, Monti menyampaikan pesan sebagai berikut :

I have some terrible news.

The ocean is dying.

This is something I’ve been witnessing first hand.

15 Year ago I used to see dozens of reef sharks and turtles every week.

Now I rarely see  them.

The beautiful coral reefs are also dead or dying.

The major cause of this destruction is global warming.. which must be stopped.

swim.jpgMy message to day is that it’s not the responsibility of government and business alone. 

It’s up to all of us.

With 6 and ½ billion of us on the planet our collective behavior has a huge impact

I encourage people to change their lifestyles and learn to reduce their carbon footprint.
It’s really very easy and requires minimum effort.
I Invite everyone to join the growing chorus of citizens worldwide becoming part of green generation. (is)