Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI)

On Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security

Melia Hotel, 6 December 2007

Summary Report by : Imelda Adhisaputra


Attendees: approximately 50-60 people mostly from universities, and participant from 6 SOM countries. 

In this first format CTI planning meeting, the broad goal is to achieve a foundation of understanding among Coral Triangle (CT) governments regarding the basis for a Coral Triangle Initiative and key elements and future steps for moving the Initiative forward .

The meeting held today is to help facilitate decision making at the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) which includes 6 countries (Solomom Island, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Timor Leste), in accordance with standard procedures for such governmental meetings, and therefore a set of Draft Decision documents have been prepared. In Developing these draft documents, the organizers of the SOM have tried to reflect the ideas and views expressed by other Coral Triangle governments in recent weeks, during a round of consultation that were held. The set of Draft Decision documents cover the following 4 topics linked to the the SOM agenda: 

  1. Guiding Principles

  2. Roadmap (process) for developing a CTI Plan of Action

  3. Form of Agreement

  4. Framework for a CTI Plan of Action


At the moment, the 6 SOM member mentioned above are still discussing word by word of the Guiding Principle.

All of the agreed items today will then be presented to the US and Australian Governments, Global Environmental Facility, Asian Development Bank as well as to the 3 international NGOs on Friday, 7 December 2007. 

All of the agreement reached from today’s and tomorrows meeting will be available at CTI website ( tomorrow.’